Yes, we are a full-service shop.  We come to you.

We can fix any type of bike.  We typically try to get your bike back to you within 24 hours.  Sometimes we can fix it on-the-spot, even.

You email or call us, set up a time, and we come to you
.  At home, at work, where your bike broke down.  You tell us.   Simple.  Easy.  

We service the entire DC Metro Area.

Bike broke down at the Metro? 
Bike hasn't come out of your shed for years?
Tires are flat and it's been sitting in the basement?
Wheel got stolen while you were at work?
Time for the annual tune-up?

No problem. 

You can email us here for a pickup:

If you prefer to call, please do so at:

We sell bikes and rent them, too.  Delivered to your door.
(Yes, we used to have a storefront in Takoma Park.  Yes, we are the same Takoma Park Bikes)
Mobile-Bicycle-Repair Service
Serving the entire MD/DC Metro Area for Five Years Running!
--We can repair any kind of bike
--Bike Fittings
--"Happy Fanny" Seat Program
--Most bikes are ready in 24 hours!
There is only one...
CNew Bikes
CRental Bikes
CKids Bikes
CRoad Bikes
CHybrid Bikes
CGeared Bikes
CBeat up Bikes
CPretty Bikes
CPink Bikes
CGreen Bikes
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COffroad Bikes
CJumping Bikes
CFun Bikes
CCrusin' Bikes


Takoma Bicycle ripped us off.  We are the original Takoma PARK Bikes.  Bruce took everything we worked for and stole it from us, the fucking brat who worked for his parents his entire life, who collects insurance payments every month and who stole the shop we worked so hard to build up.  We worked to support ourselves, he works to pass the time, like any trust funder. 

He opened in our original spot, after we fixed the asshole landlord by taking him to court.  We were the first shop in Takoma Park.  We went at it on our own, with no one paving our way. We got outbid to buy a place across the street.   We tried so hard to make it work, but a bad landlord here and just a dollar short there, and we are made to look the fool by someone who was suppose to be a friend.

For everyone who keeps calling our number, we are not Takoma Bicycle.  We suggest you do not support that asshole, as we do not have the money to force him to change his name.  Don't get us wrong, we understand Takoma Park Bikes, established in 2005, is very similar to Takoma Bicycle, which was started in 2010, and we can only assume the despicable asshole Bruce likes it that way.   It's too bad we gave him every detail about the business, thinking he would help us.  What a good location he picked.

Fuck you Bruce.